Presentation of Web Pages Dedicated to Romanian Philately

at the World Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO 2008

Français, Românã

Victor Manta, PWO, AIJP, Switzerland

The Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO), in collaboration with the AIJP and the OC, has organized at the World Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO 2008 (Bucharest, Romania, 20 - 28 June) a presentation of excerpts from worldwide philatelic websites, devoted to Romanian philately. The webmasters of the most important sites were contacted by the PWO and they kindly accepted to participate in this important philatelic event, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the creation of the first Romanian stamps, the famous Bull Heads.

The presentation took place at one of the best locations at EFIRO 2008, in the vicinity of the Court of Honor and of the Philatelic Museum, on a surface of 45 m2.

PWO has offered to all interested stamp collectors worldwide an unique opportunity to participate in a world philatelic exhibition
with web pages dedicated to Romanian philately

The participating web pages could deal with any chapter of the rich Romanian philately. They contain scanned images of philatelic material,  explanatory text and captions. The accepted languages for the text and captions were English, French, German and Romanian. Participation was free of charge. It was not required that the participants be members of specific philatelic organizations.

The copyright of presented pages belongs to the authors as well as to the PWO, which permanently displays the presentation on its site. Please click  on the poster (below) of the presentation to start it (a new window will open). Find below some useful hints for navigatiung through the presentation.

The slide show runs automatically. Take the mouse cursor away from the image and the menu will disappear. By clicking any menu point the presentation will switch to the manual mode which permits the direct access to any page, for an indefinite duration. You can return to the self-timed presentation by clicking the Play button on the bottom of the menu. Enjoy!

On my site Romania as Seen by its Stamps a have published a recit about my activity at EFIRO 2008. You can find it here.

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