FIP Web Sites Competition 2003 CANCELLED

On the page:
I have found, by chance, as follows:
"2003 FIP Web Site Evaluation Cancelled
The FIP evaluation of philatelic Web sites for 2003 has been canceled, according to Francis Kiddle, president of the FIP Literature Commission and FIP director, Charles Peterson. The need for this action was realized last month when the requirements of other duties of the primary participants in the operation of these evaluations this summer became apparent.
It is anticipated that these evaluations will probably be resumed in 2004.
Robert de Violini "

The mentioned page was published on 06/29/2003, which coincides, by chance, with exactly the day when I have applied to the competition, with the Spanish Africa site (sorry Tracy, no chance).

Just to notice that the FIP site still invites us to participate in this obsolete competition:

I can imagine that the large discussion that took place on this NG (RCSD - V.M.), and the fact that the PWO has informed the FIP officials as well about it, as about its own position on the subject, have incited the FIP and its Literature Commission to look more seriously at what they were doing in this respect.
It confirms again, IMHO, that the FIP Literature Commission hat fully deserved their recently won Fenny Cup Award:
Victor Manta

(published on RCSD, on July 2, 2003)


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