1. The Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO) has the goal to promote and to develop the philatelic Webmastering. 
  2. The Philatelic Webmasters Organization is a non-profit organization, established on the Internet.
  3. Its members are stamp collectors who actively contribute to the development of the stamp collecting on the Web by writing interesting philatelic articles and by creatively integrating them with philatelic images into their philatelic sites.
  4. The Philatelic Webmasters Organization facilitates the relationships and the exchange of experience among its members, by encouraging direct contacts, by organizing on-line and off-line study groups, meetings, forums, competitions, common exhibitions and other activities.
  5. To become member, a candidate applies on-line and is then automatically included in the members' database. The President decides at a later time if the candidate becomes a member or if he cannot be accepted. The usual reason of rejection is that the candidate presents a purely commercial site.
  6. It is required that all PWO members strictly observe the provisions of present Statutes, as well as the Netiquette rules. All members have the right to privacy and shouldn't be spammed or contacted too often without their previous approval. The PWO support the Philatelic code of ethics for the use of UPU member counties. The President, assisted by the Executive Council, has the right to expel members who repeatedly violate the provisions of present Statutes.
  7. The PWO membership is a lifetime one and it is obtainable for free at present.
  8. To quit PWO it is necessary and sufficient to notify the President by e-mail. No reasons are required, but an explanation is welcomed. The records of members who have announced that they decided to quit PWO will be deleted from the database and won't appear on the members' list.
  9. The content of the database is published on the Net. There are displayed the name of the site, the kind of site (Homepage, Commercial, Postal Authority, Philatelic Organization), the URL of the site, the name of the author, the country and the e-mail address of the Webmaster. In order to assure the privacy of our members, the e-mail addresses appear only in the protected area, being accessible only to PWO members.
  10. The PWO is led by a President and by a staff of Officers who compose the Executive Council.
  11. The members of the Executive Council are co-opted by the Executive Council, either through an internal procedure, or due to a request of a PWO member. It is expected that a candidate presents a short dossier concerning hers/his activity on the Net, the address of her/his Web site(s), Web philatelic awards and references. The candidate will be informed by e-mail about the decision of the Executive Council.
  12. It is expected that a member of the Executive Council of the PWO is not only a pioneer of the philatelic activity on the Net, but also that she/he encourages other stamp collectors toward the publishing activity, that she/he has already published several pages created by them and that she/he agrees to invest some time in the activity and in the development of the PWO.
  13. The list of the Executive Council members is published on the PWO site.
  14. One important goal of PWO is to participate in the elaboration of regulations and rules for Web sites competitions, to help in the preparation of competent judges and eventually to organize its own worldwide, regional, thematic or other kind of competitions. 
  15. The list of internationally approved recognized judges and of their domain of expertise will be published on the PWO site.
  16. The activity of the PWO is assured through donations, through fees that can be demanded for the participation in different activities, like competitions or special forums and through space offered on its site, for publicity, to commercial philatelic organizations.
  17. PWO members are informed about the activities of the club by articles published on this site and/or by e-mail along with information concerning updates of this site. If deemed necessary, a newsletter could also be published and distributed via e-mail.
  18. The President, assisted by the Executive Council, is responsible for the relationships with other philatelic organizations, like WADP, FIP, UPU, AIJP and ASCAT. He may establish special relationships between PWO and these organizations
  19. The PWO actively supports the efforts of the World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) in its activity of philately promotion worldwide and in its fight against the illegal stamps. Information about illegal issues is published on a regular basis on the PWO site. It is explicitly forbidden to all PWO members to make publicity for or to sell these products through their sites.
  20. The official languages of the PWO, used to communicate with the President and with the Secretariat are English, French and German.
  21. The English version of the PWO Statutes is the official one.
  22. If necessary, the present Statutes may be changed or adapted by the President, assisted by the Executive Council, in order to assure the necessary flexibility in the functioning of the PWO. The PWO members will be informed about the changes through this site and/or by e-mail.


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