About dead links...

      ... and why we don't have them!

Nothing is forever, particularly not Web pages. There are lots of reasons a Web page can disappear. Perhaps the author moved to another ISP so his address is different, or simply lost interest and took the page down. Whatever the cause, the result is that every link that pointed to the page is now "dead" - when you click it your browser will display a message that the page could not be found, or something to that effect.

Dead links are a major problem for anyone who wants to publish a list of Web sites related to a specific topic. Most sites remove dead links only when they are reported, and the result is that over time the site contains a greater and greater number of dead links. On some link sites almost a third of the links are dead - a very frustrating experience!

To prevent dead links from being a problem on our site, Mr. Peter Aitken developed some software that automatically checks all the links in the database and removes those that are not working. We cannot promise that you will never find a dead link in our philatelic links database, because some sites do not return the correct error message when a page cannot be found. However dead links are few and far between and they won't be there for long!

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