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Each horizontal compartment shown below permits for a different kind of searching. You can search for all sites that were posted in the last XX days, all those that belong to a given Category, or all those that have a specific word in site's Title, URL or Description. You supply the word in the entry field, then you press the Display button. The matching results are displayed in a separate windows, with links to the sites of interest (just click on those links for visiting the sites that were found by the PWO Philatelic Links Online search engine).

Check the Working Links Only option (the default) to display only those links which were found to be working the last time they were tested. Turn off this option to display all links in the database, working or not. Bad links will be flagged in the results list.

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This page provides access to Web pages and other Internet resources related to philately and stamp collecting. It is unique in providing the following advantages over other sites that provide philatelic Web links:

Over 1700 links and constantly growing!

Essentially few duplicate links. Some other sites have the same page listed 4 or 5 times.

A live, fully searchable database of links instead of static out-of-date lists.

The ability to view only new links.

Close to 100% working links thanks to regular removal of dead links.

This is a free service brought to you by the 
hilatelic Webmasters Organization.
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