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Use this form to submit a link for inclusion in the Philatelic Links Online database, in 10 simple steps. The submission is free with no obligation of any sort. Only sites that are related to stamps and stamp collecting are accepted. Otherwise there are no restrictions. Individual collectors, stamp dealers, auction houses, software publishers - all are welcome. A given site can be listed under only one category. Click here for help on selecting a category.

Please be sure your site is not already listed before submitting it. The best way to do this is to go back to the Search page by clicking here and searching for your site's URL.

You can use the same form to apply for the membership of the Philatelic Webmasters Organization. The membership is obtainable for free at present. Click here to read the PWO Statutes.

1. Enter your name (will be not published in Links Online):

2. Enter your site's title (Do not use all uppercase, please!):

3. Enter your site's URL (for example, Please enter http:// too):

4. Choose the site's category that apply at best to your site:

5. Enter a brief and relevant description of your site (80 characters maximum, please not all in uppercase):

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8. Enter the languages that you use on the Internet (will be not published in Links Online; use Ctrl + mouse Click to choose several languages, max. 5):


9. Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO) Membership:    
By applying, you implicitly agree with the PWO Statutes. Your e-mail address and name will be published on the Members List. Your e-mail address will appear only in a protected zone, named the Members Area, that is accessible only to PWO members. 

10. Click the Submit button only once, please 


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