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Victor Manta, PWO President

For twenty years the Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO) has actively contributed to the development of online philatelic activity, which can be seen by reading the articles on this website. It has also fought and continues to fight against the spread of illegal and excessive stamps, which undermine the health of world philately.

PWO is currently pleased to announce that, starting in 2022, it will organize under its own name and in its own organization an exhibition and an online contest of sites from around the world, for which webmasters will announce in their desire to participate.

The stated goal is to further develop the accessibility of philatelic webmasters to the world philatelic activity and to make known their sites dedicated to various branches of philately. To achieve this goal, when PWO was contacted to become an institutional member of Virtuafil, The Virtual Philately Confederation, PWO accepted without hesitation. To this has contributed that Virtuafil has established a philatelic Class dedicated specifically to "Websites and Social Media". Therefore PWO, using the Virtuafil Platform, will host a virtual exhibition exclusively for all the world's philatelic websites, exhibition named the "PWO-EXPO 2022".

The organizers of this exhibition and competition have been members of PWO for many years, as well as are the members of the jury, most of whom have participated in many online philatelic exhibitions and therefore have direct experience in this field.

As with all exhibitions on Virtuafil, participation will be 100% free of costs and will be open to participation to all non-commercial philatelic websites and social media sites, anywhere in the world, without membership to other organizations or other pre-qualifying conditions.

To give you an example of what the results of such participation could be expected, I will present you as example the participation of the PWO site in the virtual exhibition Filananias 2021, organized on the same Virtuafil platform as the future PWO Expo 2022 exhibition, but managed by other administrators. For more information please visit:

In short, I will only mention that Filananias 2021 went flawlessly and that the organizers did everything to keep the participants well informed about what is happening, what is expected of them and what will happen next. Below I reproduce the Certificate of the Jury and the Jury Sheet that I received from the organizers as the webmaster of the PWO site. I would like to thank the organizers for this initiative and for all their efforts!

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The expo site for "PWO-EXPO 2022" will be ready in January 2022 for online registrations so please stay tuned for further details, that will appear in time on this site.

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