Central African Republic
Illegal Issues of Postage Stamps



Berne, 2 April 2001

International Bureau Circular


Dear Sir/Madam

The postal administration of the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC asks me to inform you that it has information about four illegal issues of postage stamps issued in its name and bearing the inscription "République Centrafricaine".

The issues are as follows:

- Miniature sheet of 9 stamps - "Tigers"
- Miniature sheet of 9 stamps - "Penguins"
- Miniature sheet of 9 stamps - "Wolves"
- Miniature sheet of 9 stamps - "Horses"

Consequently, all these postage stamps have been issued in contravention of the Universal Postal Convention, its Letter Post Regulations and the legislation of the Central African Republic.

As the postal administration of the Central African Republic has never issued such postage stamps, they cannot be accepted as a means of postage.

Yours faithfully,

Assistant Director General

More information about the illegal issues can be obtained directly from the UPU, Mrs. Maria Libera.

Published: 09/15/2001. Revised: 09/16/01.
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