Victor Manta, PWO, AIJP

PWO - Interview with Mr. Wolfgang Maassen

Chairman of the Organization Committee of IPHLA 2012, AIJP President  

This was possible only because we started our preparations very timely, i.e. two years ago, we had a refined time management and a perfect cooperation with a professionally working team that we could rely on. I mention especially my colleagues in my own publishing house, but also the full-time employees in the central office of the Federation of German Philatelists (BDPh). In the course of time, particularly when IPHLA had started, more and more volunteers and supporters joined hands, so that a multitude of little stones formed a real mosaic.

As far as the frequency is concerned, let my point out that this is not the least a matter of costs. In the USA , in Canada and New Zealand , there are literature exhibitions more often – even if at a lower scale and limited to works in English. At IPHLA, all European languages – and these are quite a few – were admitted. This means a polyglot jury team from different countries, and it means increased requirements as to the experts. Specialized exhibition of the size of IPHLA cannot be organized every year, and not in every country either. Germany is and will remain a literature-enthusiastic country. Thus we have already laid the financial foundation stone for another IPHLA in four or five years.

An extensive report in form of a comprehensive documentary will follow next year. As regards the internet and digital communication, a few points are already previsible that will considerably facilitate the work of the organizing committee in the future. As an example I refer to the possibility of putting the complete calendar of and booking for events on the internet, which makes preliminary work – including the catalogue – considerably easier. In five years, you would no longer provide a dual communication system (e-mail and postal letter) but publish information exclusively in a digital way on a website although I am convinced that the printed media will still play an important role even then. Without any doubt, the behaviour of the users is towards dualism. The problem of the internet is the amount of information, combined with a lack of structure and clarity, and they increase instead of decrease. A second increasing problem of numerous websites is (and remains) a growing decline of quality, which you can observe and follow – to give but one concrete example – when visiting the philatelic terms at wikipedia. Last but not least questions of the copyright resp. the massive non-respect of the copyright have become a matter that philately, and that includes jurors, has to deal with much more than in the past.
So I see many chances and possibilities for the future, but it seems important to define quality standards and implement them in many, many fields. In this respect, IPHLA was important as well, further discussions are required now, because – and this is true even in our digitalized world – you can only learn from experience.

Translation: Rainer von Scharpen 2012-11-21

PWO - Interview with Mr. Peter Fischer

President of the Jury of IPHLA 2012  

PWO - MIssed Interview with Mr. Francis Kiddle

IPHLA 2012, Philatelic judge, Team Leader team 3  

VM / Feb.10, 2013. Lower Manhattan, New York City, USA

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