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The Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO) has been created in 2001 to promote, support and develop philately through philatelic webmastering. This site also fights against the proliferation of prohibited stamps.


You may click here to contact by email Victor Manta, the PWO President and Founder, in English, French, German, Russian or Romanian.

Links - Fight Against Prohibited Stamp Issues Worldwide

- Prohibited stamps, FIP.

- Les timbres poste Abusifs / Illegaux, Association Française des Collectioneurs du Tennis de Table

- Worthless Chess "Stamps" from Africa

- Worthless Chess "Stamps" from the Rest of the World

- UPU IB Circulars 2003 - 2017 (UPU site - Circulars before 2017 are password protected by UPU, what doesn't make sense)

- UPU IB Circulars 2010 - 2017 published by FIP (in English and French)

- UPU IB Circulars 1996 - 2003 (Free access on the PWO site)

- Interpol Cooperation Agreements, UN System, UPU. English . Francaise .

- Recommendation C 26/2008. Philatelic Code of Ethics for the use of UPU member countries

- Recommandation C 26/2008. Code de déontologie philatélique à l'usage des Pays-membres de l'UPU

- Nightmare Issues From Stamperija.

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