Our Awarded Members and Their Sites

    Several  PWO members were awarded high prices by prestigious philatelic worldwide or local organizations. We have the pleasure to congratulate the winners, to list their names and the awards won, and to thank them for their activity. Please notice that the PWO site is one of the sites that were awarded by the FIP.

Awards of the International Philatelic Federation (FIP), August 2002

Results of the 2002 FIP Philatelic Web Site Evaluation, PhilaKorea, Seoul

French Academy Internet Award 2001 - 2002

The site Bureaux français de l'empire ottoman (French postal offices in the Ottoman Empire) of our member Mr. Robert Désert was awarded the Academy Internet Award (Prix Internet de l'Académie) by L'Académie de Philatélie. This award was created in 2001. Mr. Désert  is the first philatelist who was awarded this price, in March 2002, counting for the year 2001. We congratulate our club colleague for this prestigious award!

More information can be found on the page: http://robert.desert.chez-alice.fr/

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