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The primary intention is for this website to be an on-line "magazine" of research and study of Romanian postal history.

As a beginning, I list a number of the articles written by me and published by different philatelic publications in Romania, USA, Great Britain and Germany.

In addition, I propose to post significant and important articles, written by other contributors.

Also, it is intended to provide visitors with a source for other Romanian postal history information including:

  • a short presentation of each magazine or bulletin that had published Romanian postal history articles (when possible, tables of contents will be also provided);
  • a short presentation & review of the books, monographs & catalogues which deals with Romanian postal history matters;
  • bibliographical lists of (hopefully) all books & articles written in the world-wide philatelic press about Romanian traditional philately and Romanian postal history; I think this would be maybe the most useful feature for researchers - when you start to write something on a topic, you HAVE to know what was already written about !
  • the chronology of the history & postal services in all Romanian territories;
  • some links to Websites which deal with Romanian history and postal history matters;

But the main focus will be maintained on a NEW SECTION, the Research Materials, which will provide reference materials (based on expanded aticles or never published materials), online listings and catalogues as a basis for further Postal History studies !!!.

It is hoped that this wide presentation of information will attract visitors and stimulate them to become involved in a beautiful and captivating field, namely Romanian postal history. 

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Magazines & Bulletins:

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Romanian Traditional Philately & Postal History.

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